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Tournament FAQ

How can I find my child's US Chess ID or Rating? You may find your player's US Chess ID or Rating at


What do the time controls or G/25 d5 mean? G/25 d5 means both players will each have 25 minutes for all of their moves with a 5 second delay at the beginning of each move.


How does a team score work in chess? Team scores are the top 4 players from a singular school in a player specific section. Players must register with their school in order to be eligible for team prizes. 


What is notation? Is it required? Notation or recording their moves is required for all rated sections per US Chess Rules and is encouraged for the non rated sections.


What is the Growth Chess Grand Prix? The Growth Chess Grand Prix takes your results from your top 10 of the 12 Growth Chess Grand Prix Events for the year. Each month Growth Chess will host a Grand Prix event each month.

Grand Prix Scoring:

Non-Rated Section each win gets 1 point, 0.5 for a draw

K-8 Under Rated Section points are multiplied by 2

K-12 Open Section points are multiplied by 3

Awards for the Grand Prix? Top 5 each year for K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 including a traveling cup for the winner. 

Can I miss a Grand Prix Event and still have a chance to win? Yes! Again the Grand Prix takes your top 10 of 12 Grand Prix events per year so if you need to miss an event or have not have event you still have a chance to get top 5!

What if top players tie for a Grand Prix score at the end of the year? The tiebreaker will be scores from your 11th and 12th Grand Prix event played. 

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