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About Growth Chess

Who We Are

Growth Chess was founded on the principles of bringing the timeless game to kids and adults alike. Chess as a game has survived hundreds of years and is only becoming more popular in the modern era through the advent of live streaming and accessible online platforms like Learning the game of chess and leveling up your skills are still benefited most through personal interaction and training by like-minded coaches who share the love of the game and we aim to bring that to our communities.

Our Guiding Principles


Chess requires dedication and commitment to improvement which starts with personal development. We believe in striving for excellence in everything we do.



Gracious in victory, resilient in defeat; good sportsmanship is a cornerstone of proper gameplay



We strive to be a shining pillar within our community by engaging through various outreach programs, tournaments, and volunteer trainings.



Chess teaches ownership of one’s learning to empower them to pursue their passions with confidence both on and off the board.



We promote fair and honest play alongside ethical behavior in all aspects of our program.



Chess is a game for all backgrounds, skill levels, abilities and personalities across all ages.



At the end of the day Chess is a game to be enjoyed!

Our Mission

To cultivate a community of passionate learners. Provide them with the tools to excel in the chess and life. While empowering players through complex strategic decisions making with confidence.

Our Start

After a decade plus of teaching and working with some of the best chess academies in the country. Growth Chess is here expand the game for the Greater Madison Area starting in the fall of 2023.

Our Goals

Provide fun & educational chess classes and lessons.
Organize chess events for all regardless of skill level.
Create a physical chess center for Madison.

Our Offerings

Chess in Schools

Private Lessons (Group and 1 on 1)

Local Tournaments

Community Events

Chess Clubs

More to Come!

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