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2024 Summer Camps

Special Camp Pricing for July & August

Expanding Chess in the Greater Madison Area



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School Classes

After-school programs focused on enrichment and chess skills for groups small and large


Summer Camps

Weekly programs centered around rapid and engaging learning in a fun environment


Private Lessons

Group lessons and 1 on 1 teaching available from our highly talented coaches



USCF rated scholastic and open tournaments hosted throughout Madison

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Chess Center

Live play, tournaments, group lessons and more at our new chess center in Sun Prairie


Community Events

Partnering with our community to bring chess to events all over the Madison area

Learning how to Play Chess

Why Chess?

Chess is a timeless game that offers many benefits. The game enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills through requiring players to anticipate and strategize multiple moves ahead. It promotes concentration, memory and focus as players analyze complex positions and it fosters creativity by encouraging players to think outside the box to find unique solutions. Moreover, it cultivates patience and resilience, as victory often comes from overcoming setbacks. Finally, chess provides a platform for social interaction, building friendships and promoting healthy competition. 

Playing Chess
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