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Summer Classes

Class Descriptions

Pawn Level- Beginner level aimed at those just starting out in chess or those looking to master the basics. 

Typical instruction includes:

  • The Basic Rules of Chess

  • Basic Checkmates such as King & Queen vs King & King & Rook vs King.

  • Fun Mini Chess Games to help your child learn the pieces in a fun way!

  • Opening Principles

Knight & Bishop Level- Intermediate level aimed at those looking to improve their skills from beginner and beyond. Players must have established understanding of the basics and typically have a ChessKid rating up to 1500 or up or a rating up to 1200

  • Typical instruction includes:

  • 1-2 Move Tactics (How to use pins, forks, skewers & more to win material)

  • Intermediate Endgames such as King & Pawn Endgames, Rook vs Pawns, and More!

  • Basic Opening Theory for Openings like the Italian & Ruy Lopez.

  • Game Analysis from the Chess Masters Games.

Rook Level- 

Advanced level for the true dedicated players looking to level up their game and improve upon tournament or competitive performance. Players must have USCF 700+ or rating of 1200+.

Typical instruction includes:

  • Multi Step Tactics for Tournament Players

  • Classic Master Game Analysis

  • Advanced Endgames 

  • Tournament Preparation

Not sure what class to sign up for? Email us at

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